Very early JaNina Diestler got enthusiastic about music. At the age of 8 she took lessons in "classical guitar". Later, JaNina learned to play the piano and got singing lessons, whereby her enthusiasm was especially in the field of rock and pop music.

So JaNina Diestler began to write her own songs and to play in several bands. Ever since she has played a lot of smaller gigs and bigger concerts, for example in bars, pubs, at events or at open air concerts.

After graduation from school, JaNina Diestler began to study music and art history in Greifswald. Ever since, she has been dealing with writing, arranging and producing her songs intensively.

2009 JaNina released her Debutalbum “12 Months” and two years later her second CD “One Way Chaos”. A huge part of these productions is played by different radio stations.