One Way Chaos (VÖ 2010)

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  1. Fool
  2. I'll Take Care Of You
  3. Piece Of Pain
  4. Irgendwohin
  5. In Your Arms
  6. Up And Down
  7. Run
  8. Weep Not For The Memories
  9. Close To You
  10. Sad Faces
  11. Lo Siento
  12. Stop Snd Recognize


12 Months (VÖ 2009)

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  1. Picture Of You
  2. Waiting
  3. Why
  4. All To Be Strong
  5. Out Of My Life
  6. Hey Man!
  7. Innocent Girl
  8. For Years
  9. Little Girl
  10. Lucky One
  11. Sehnsucht
  12. All The Things You Are
  13. Don't Hesitate
  14. So Proud


The Acoustic Session (Demo EP)

  1. Fallin'
  2. Gentle Breeze
  3. Communicative Ruin
  4. Impression
  5. Take Me Away


"One Way Chaos" and "12 Months" produced by J. Moede (Schrathaus Produktion).

"Sehnsucht" produced by D. Heinrich (Tonstudio-84).

"The Acoustic Session" produced by J. Diestler.


Guestmusicians: Janko Moede (Guitar, Bass), Gregor Fröde (Drums, Piano), Sascha Schmid (Drums), Jan Fischer (Bass), Nina Gottschalk (Violin, Backgrounds), Adelind Pallas (Accordeon)